Advanced Color Grading: Creating the Look

You have worked in color grading for a while and know your way around your software, but want to know how to use it to its full potential? In this course, which is all about “creating the look”, you’ll learn how to use color grading to give every material a unique look that not only works but lets it shine.

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Chapter 1 : What is a Look?

A look consists of different components, each important in their own way. Which are they and what do they do?

Chapter 2 : Color Psychology & Schemes

To know about the perceptual significance of color is inevitable for using and combining them in the creation of a specific look.

Chapter 3 : Color & Contrast

The strength of an image depends on its contrast. Learn how to use brightness, hue and saturation to bring it out.

Chapter 4 : Get Inspired

How to find inspiration for what direction to go with the material and put an end to “Grader’s Block”.

Chapter 5 : Pointing out the Difference

Learn to analyze the raw footage and reasonably compare it to your chosen references.

Chapter 6 : Bridging the Gap

Only four steps are necessary to create a final and original look. Get the job done efficiently and effectively.

Axel Rothe


As both a DoP and Colorist, to Axel Rothe the symbiosis of shooting and grading material is an obvious one and decisive for the final look of a film or video.

Based on years of experience in the field and as a color grading tutor he founded the Creating the Look Academy with the goal to share knowledge with a hands-on approach and to encourage creativity and curiosity. 



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